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huomenna 04.30 - 05.15 45 minNational Geographic Channel

For those choosing to live a life of solitude, there's always work to be done. Whether it's protecting your home from intruders or preparing for Mother Nature's worst, every day presents a new challenge to tackle. In Arkansas, as trespassers come close to Joe Ray's home below the grid, he sets up a primitive security system to protect his solitary way of life. Meanwhile, high above the grid in Washington, Doc and Jeanny Leverett expand their elevated home to avoid bears encroaching on the woods around their tree house. In Idaho's Clearwater Mountains, Bear Claw must make a tough journey back to the edge of civilization. Traveling through a steep, dense forest, he heads closer to the grid, to receive an important message from the outside world. And in Michigan, outside the grid, an impending cold front forces Dan Burton to prepare Garden Island's emergency shelters before temperatures drop.


ti 27.09. klo 04.30 - 05.15 45 minNational Geographic Channel

Outside the grid, nothing is given and everything must be earned. One's existence is built from the ground up with two hands, blood and sweat. The work is hard, but for those who choose this path, a job well done means a life well lived. Deep underground, living within the caves systems of Arkansas' Ozark Mountains, Joe Ray sometimes goes weeks without seeing the sun. He relies on gallons of lamp oil a month to keep his lanterns lit and illuminate his world. So, today he's working on a system to build a renewable energy source. Every year, high atop the ridgelines of the Clearwater Mountains in western Idaho, Bear Claw and his friend Conan Ausmussen hunt together on the first day of deer season. And, now, they set out on the hunt for white-tailed deer. Over the past month, high above the grid in the remote woods of Onion Creek, Washington, increased bear activity in the area has put Doc and Jeanny Leverett on high alert. Last week, they built an elevated bathroom to avoid the threat, and today they're taking further precautions. Outside the grid, in the middle of Lake Michigan on Beaver Island, Dan Burton spends much of autumn preparing for the harsh winter ahead. Before time runs out, he and his sons must start construction on a new shelter - a structure that will provide access to crucial hunting grounds during winter and refuge from the elements.


ke 28.09. klo 04.30 - 05.15 45 minNational Geographic Channel

The old adage known as "Murphy's Law" says - anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. On the edge of civilization, that means always being prepared for the worst. Out here, far from the modern world, the forces of nature present dire challenges. "Outside the Grid," during the onslaught of a severe drought, Bear Claw struggles to find water for his camp in the Clearwater Mountains of Idaho. "Below the Grid," a small earthquake in the Ozarks transforms Joe Ray's underground home, and now he must find a new path to daylight. "Above the Grid," in Onion Creek, Washington, Doc and Jeanny Leverett grapple with wildfires burning dangerously close to their tree house. "Outside the Grid," on remote Beaver Island, Dan Burton drops everything to search for a friend adrift somewhere on Lake Michigan.


to 29.09. klo 04.30 - 05.15 45 minNational Geographic Channel

On the edge of civilization, life is lived by the seasons. As autumn arrives, temperatures grow colder, and those outside the grid begin preparation for the toughest time of year. Out here, they must always be ready for what lies ahead. In his caves "Below the Grid", Joe Ray does all he can to avoid the modern world. But today, he must make his annual visit to town to stockpile necessary winter resources. High "Above the Grid", Doc and Jeanny Leverett prepare for darker days ahead, and indoor confinement for Jeanny due to an unusual medical condition. She has a rare allergy to the cold, and Doc plans special home improvements to keep her comfortable during the coming chill. "Beyond the Grid" in the mountains of Idaho, with temperatures beginning to cool, nomadic Bear Claw packs up his tent and heads for the protection of his winter camp. The long journey on horseback includes several stops along the way, as Bear Claw gathers supplies essential to his life on the trail. And "Outside the grid", on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan, Dan Burton and his family rely on stockpiled food to make it through the frozen winter months. Now, Dan is on a mission to fill his freezer in any way he can.
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